Apr 8, 2005

Some common acronyms used on emails

Acronyms: A word (as NATO, or FBI) formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts of a compound term. See Merriam-Webster.

* BTW: By The Way.

* FYI: For Your Information. FYI often means that a response isn't expected. An the primary purpose of FYI is to indicate that it's something of low importance.

* NRN: No Response Needed. Sometimes, without body language, it isn't clear when an email-based conversation should be ended.

* IMHO: In My Humble, or Honest Opinion.

* RTFM: Read The Manual ("Manual" here refers to any documentation).

* LOL: [I] Laughed Out Loud (at what you wrote).

* ROTFL: [I am] Rolling On The Floor Laughing (at what you wrote).

* RSN: Real Soon Now

* TIA: Thanks In Advance.

Of course, there are others. You can add them. Welcome.