Sep 11, 2006

Studies show that manners do matter in e-mail

Here are ten e-mail etiquette tips to think about before you hit that send button:

1. Don't write anything in an e-mail that you would not want read by everybody.

2. Be tidy with your e-mail: answer it promptly, and use folders to save messages that you may need later.

3. Management might write e-mail policies that employees sign-off on.

4. Messages or replies to messages that have an angry tone are a no-no in office culture.

5. Don't give out your password or UserID to anyone.

6. Smiley faces and emoticons are inappropriate and childish.

7. Don't write e-mail in capital letters. THIS MEANS THAT YOU ARE SHOUTING. This practice is offensive at work.

8. Save attachments for the people who really need them. Sending out large files in an e-mail can be a burden on systems.

9. Sending information on e-mail to clients and people at other companies is a reflection of the company for whom you work.

10. Use the spell-checker and read your e-mail over before sending it out. Punctuation, tone and good grammar are important.