Feb 24, 2006

Some of the most frequently used emoticons in e-mails

In 1979, the need and possibility to add some emotion to written messages was considered, and “emoticons” were created, a neologism whose root is formed by the words “emotion” and “icon”.

These are a sequence of characters that when you see them with your head tilted to the left, you see a symbolic representation of a human face showing an emotion. For instance, the emoticon :-) is used to symbolize a smiling face.

Some of the most frequently used emoticons in e-mails:
:-) = Happy face with nose
:) = Happy face without nose
;-) = Winking face with nose
;) = Winking face without nose
:-D = Laughter
8-) = Surprised happy face
:-( = Sad face with nose
:( = Sad face without nose
:’( = Sad face crying
8-O = Surprised face with nose
=O = Very surprised of startled
:-\ = Unpleasant face
:-| = Serious face
:-X = “My lips are sealed”, or “silent”
:-b = Sticking the tong mockingly
8-P = My mouth is watering, with eyes open wide
<3 = A heart or “I love you”
0:-) = “I am a saint”, “I am innocent”
:-* = Kiss