Mar 13, 2008

56% of Internet users send e-mail every day

According to a survey by Pew Internet & American Life Project, in February-March 2007 56% of respondents reported sending email every day.

50% of the respondents stated they first went online for “personal” reasons; 31% said work was the cause; 19% said school was the cause.

Mar 6, 2008

36% of e-mails to the bank go unanswered

US banking industry holds in excess of $7.17 trillion in loans, including the billions of dollars in mortgage, credit card, auto loans and commercial loans. 36% of customer emails went unanswered by the banks.

96% of those audited did not offer live chat as a communication channel. 94% of banks did not offer a true dynamic, flexible knowledge base - the majority of banks offered little more than a list of static FAQs, Talisma reports.

Why some service companies don't offers better service trough their websites?