Sep 11, 2007

What message are you sending?

Each time you click "send," the e-mail being delivered says a lot about you and your organization.

Are you practicing appropriate e-mail etiquette, or are your e-mails conveying messages that are hurting your reputation and credibility?

More and more businesses are discovering the importance of establishing specific corporate guidelines regarding e-mail practices.

There is an assumed informality surrounding e-mail usage, but e-mail is no different than any other form of business communication.

Your contacts form opinions about you and your business based on your e-mail communications and how you use technology.

Improper e-mail usage can give someone the perception that you lack education, have limited experience with technology, or lack credibility.

Mastering your e-mail skills can go a long way toward forging the most professional image you can with potential clients, existing customers, and anyone else you communicate with via e-mail.

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