May 12, 2005

Some of the most frequently used emoticons in e-mails

In 1979 "emoticons" (emotion + icon) appeared in order to add some emotional meanings to e-mails.

But we can say tha emoticons reflects our limitations because we can’t convey sufficient emotions through our writing, like fiction or proffesional writers do without graphic decorations.

Emoticons are often inadequate because the most important components of interpersonal communications are paralinguistic or non-verbal.

Anyway, these are some of the most frequently used emoticons in e-mails:

:-) = Happy face with nose
:) = Happy face without nose
;-) = Winking face with nose
;) = Winking face without nose
:-D = Laughter
8-) = Surprised happy face
:-( = Sad face with nose
:( = Sad face without nose
:’( = Sad face crying
8-O = Surprised face with nose
=O = Very surprised of startled
:-\ = Unpleasant face
:-| = Serious face
:-X = "My lips are sealed", or "silent"
:-b = Sticking the tong mockingly
8-P = My mouth is watering, with eyes open wide
<3 = A heart or "I love you"
0:-) = "I am a saint", "I am innocent"
:-* = Kiss