Mar 9, 2007

Jargon that is sometimes used on emails

* Spam: Unsolicited email sent to many people simultaneously, usually commercial, but also "occupational" (emails from colleagues).

* Bounce: A message that was returned to the sender, either because the email address was incorrect or because there was a configuration problem on the receiver's end.

* Distribution list: A single email address that resends to many others, allowing a discussion to continue easily among a quasi-stable group of participants.

* Bot: A piece of software that acts on behalf of a remote human (from roBOT).

* Mailbot: A piece of software that automatically replies to email.

* Listbot: A piece of software that manages distribution lists. Also called a listserver or majordomo.

* Flame: An electronic message that is particularly hostile...

* Lurk: To read messages anonymously, without posting.

* Ping: Test to see if the other person is there, or awake, or available...

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