Nov 18, 2007

Email etiquette: Key to workplace harmony

Consider and then deliver if you want to prevent embarrassing yourself at work with email...

Two-thirds of Australian workers admit to being trigger-happy emailers.

A report found almost half of all workers rely on email as their primary method for business communications, with women 11 per cent more likely to use it than men.

More than half of those surveyed for the report admitted to sending an email that was misunderstood. Grammar and haste could be the main cause of misinterpreted emails.

The report revealed men (48 per cent) were more likely to misread the meaning of an email than women (38 per cent).

40 per cent of workers have sent or received an email that appeared to be offhand, cynical or rude, and 38 per cent have sent or received an email that conveyed anger or was emotional in nature.

Workers can avoid email mishaps by taking the time to craft their reply and not relying on email as their sole method of communication.


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