Dec 21, 2007

Modern holyday: too wired

Weekend getaways and romantic dinners used to be sweet escapes from the daily grind. Nowadays, they are often interrupted by a buzzing Blackberry or the ding of an instant message on the wireless laptop.

That's not news to modern workers, many of whom may just be getting back from a long winter break during which they worked more than in years past.

An AP poll this year found that one-fifth of Americans tote a laptop on vacation. Countless more carry cell phones, many of which can be used to check company e-mail. And why not? With wireless coverage extending, staying connected is simple.

A nine-year study of more than 12,000 middle-aged men at high risk of heart disease showed that participants who vacationed more had a lower risk of dying than the vacation-deprived... Read more...

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