Aug 5, 2008

Using company and professionals's e-mail

Using email at the workplace has its own special concerns for the user.

When you send an email message on behalf of an organization, or when you receive any email at an account controlled by your company, you should be aware of some of the realities of using email in the workplace.

For example, you must know the rules for using email on your organization. Everyone that uses email should have some kind of "e-policies" that covers how that resource can be used.

Ideally, that organization's email use policy is written down and everyone in the organization is made aware of the policy.

If there is no explicit policy, then review policies concerning the use of the organization's resources and use your judgment as to what is proper conduct.

Before you send out or forward any email message, ask yourself whether the contents of that message will come back to haunt you.

For instance, matters that are usually discussed in whispers at the office are best kept out of an email. Rumors, gossip, and other issues not directly related to the organization's business should be kept out of an email.

Before you send out any email, ask yourself the following question "If this email were accidentally sent to everyone in the organization, would I be in some kind of trouble?"

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