Dec 1, 2008

In a depressed economic situation...

Business productivity and saving has become more important. If you are concerned with these issues, E-mail at the workplace is an uselful book for you.

Email overload has become a kind of epidemic in the workplace. In average, employees spend over 40% of their time managing email. Nearly half of that time is lost, it is unproductive. But, there is a lot you can do to improve you email managing skill.

If you want to improve e-mail performance in your workplace, creating more efficient messages and meeting your business communication goals more effectively, this book is for you. Visit Inside you will find recommendations on how to structure e-mails content, differentiate your subjects better, understand writing communication principles, increase e-mail comprehension and obtain more effective answers.

E-mail at Workplace provides practical guidance for managing writing messages and recipients perception of them, taking into consideration emotional impact that written words have as well as the habits of reading e-mails.

E-mail at the workplace in

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