Nov 28, 2008

E-mail overload: Epidemic at workplace?

In average, employees spend over 40% of their time managing email. Nearly half of that time is lost, it is unproductive. So, inappropriate use of email in the workplace severely affect the profitability of businesses, both as professional reputation.

Most of the unproductive habits with e-mail management are due to a lack of global perspective on the various issues related to written communication, above and beyond language use or the mastery of technological resources.

According to a report published by Cisco Systems in September 2006, "The Psychology of Effective Business Communications in Geographically Dispersed Teams", e-mail users can spend 4 times more to exchange the same number of messages compared to when they communicate face-to-face.

In the present depressed economic situation, companies face a financial challenge: Managment of e-mail. What can you do?

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