Feb 21, 2009

That e-mail could embarrass you?

Before you send out or forward any e-mail message, ask yourself if the contents of that message will become a boomerang for you or your company.

Subjects that are usually discussed in whispers at the office are best kept out of an e-mail.

Rumors, gossip, and other issues not directly related to the organization's business should be kept out of an e-mail.

Before you send out that e-mail, ask yourself "If this email were accidentally sent to everyone in the organization, would I be in some kind of trouble?"

When you send an e-mail to someone outside of the company, keep in mind that you represent the organization and not just yourself, and your company may be held responsible for your actions.

Remember: Any bussines or professional e-mail is a document with 100% of posibilities to be public. Be aware of this risk always.

Don't loose your time and money clarifiying messages. Pick up the phone or go face-to-face.

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