Feb 4, 2009

Less than 9 percent of emails in 2008 was non-malicious

Out of 430 million email messages analyzed, 89.88 percent were spam and 1.11 percent were infected with some type of malware.

For companies, spam is more than just a nuisance: It consumes bandwidth, wastes employees’ time and can even cause system malfunctions. In the end, it all results in a loss of productivity.

According to data compiled by TrustLayer Mail, the clean mail managed service from Panda Security, sexual performance enhancers and pharmaceuticals were the most common subjects used by spam in 2008.

Spam relating to the economic situation also grew significantly throughout 2008. False job offers and fraudulent diplomas accounted for 2.75% of all junk mail in the year, while messages promoting mortgages and fake loans were responsible for 4.75%.

Spam promoting fake brand products, such a swatches, was responsible for 16.75% of the total. This last category nevertheless, dropped from 21% in the first half of the year to 12.5% in the last six months.

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