Sep 29, 2008

Common mistakes in email managment

Top 5 defects that impact the attitude of the recipient when reading e-mails, affecting their attention and interest, their understanding of the message, and their motivation to respond:

1. An e-mail that is not easy to understand or recognize, because the content isn't clear or the information is vague.

2. The title of the e-mail is indistinct or too generic, making it difficult to identify or to follow-up related messages.

3. The sender cannot be identified, because the name of the sender is an entity or department, or because the name of the person does not appear, only his/her e-mail address.

4. An e-mail that contains too much information on different topics is more difficult to read and to understand, and it is more complex to answer.

5. The content is too long, particularly if there are too many mails to read (and longer messages tend to be irrelevant).


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