Sep 10, 2008

Qualitative shortcomings of emails at workplace

According to the study called "Quality improvement of e-mail communication in work groups and organizations by reflection", the most frequent qualitative shortcomings that recipients must face in managing the number of e-mails received were:

• Receiving multiple e-mails with the same or similar information, from different sources.

• Receiving incomplete or poorly written messages means that they will immediately receive more messages on the same subject to complete the information or to clarify it.

• In some cases it is difficult to understand to what specific activity or job the mail corresponds to.

• Receiving e-mails from unknown senders.

• Receiving e-mails where the purpose of the sender isn't clear.

• Receiving incomplete messages that require clarifications by telephone.

• Receiving messages where it is difficult to establish the importance and/or urgency.


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