Jan 7, 2009

Are you an emailaholic?

Check these ten symptoms out:

1. Do you check your email every 10-15 minutes (or less)?

2. Do you constantly postpone important things in your life and work to look over your email inbox "just for 2 minutes more"?

3. In the middle of doing something else, do you repeatedly "refresh" your inbox to see if someone has something to say?

4. Do you have your email program running automatically to alert you new arrivals?

5. Do you have more than 2 personal email accounts actives?

6. Do you wake up to go pee in the middle of the night and "take advantage" to check your email?

7. Do you feel an unstoppable need to check yor email when you visit friends or relatives, or before going to bed?

8. Do you frequently fall asleep on your computer keyword because the amount of emails you have to check?

9. Do you feel that you have a kind of relationship with your inbox?

10. Do you yhe need start going to "EA" meetings?

Please, let me know if you have other symptoms... And, maybe you need to read this...

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