Jan 14, 2009

Email productivity paradox

Americans largely hold positive views about the role of information and communications technology (ICT) in their lives.

They cite the benefits of increased connectivity and flexibility that the internet and all of their various gadgets afford them at work.

However, many workers say these tools have added stress and new demands to their lives.

On the upside, workers note big improvements in their work lives due to the influence of technologies such as the internet, email, cell phones and instant messaging:

* 80% say these technologies have improved their ability to do their job.

* 73% say these technologies have improved their ability to share ideas with coworkers.

* 58% say these tools have allowed them more flexibility in the hours they work.

At the same time, workers also note various negative impacts of communications technology on their work life:

* 46% say ICTs increase demands that they work more hours.

* 49% say ICTs increase the level of stress in their job.

* 49% say ICTs make it harder for them to disconnect from their work when they are
at home and on the weekends.

Perhaps, this paradox explains partially why the workers are not aware of what are the risks for not use properly tools of written communication.

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