Jan 3, 2009

New-Generation workers don’t adhere to IT policies

Generation students and employees aged 14 to 27 expect to use their own technology and mobile devices for work, according to a survey released today by Accenture.

60 percent of them are either unaware of their companies’ information technology policies, or are not inclined to follow them.

Perhaps it is about a generation of disrespect and anarchy?... What are companies doing to promote their IT policies among employees?

Some survey’s findings are very shocking because its implications: Lack of workplace education on corporate policy:

• Only 40 percent of all respondents said that their employers have published detailed policies related to posting work or client information on public websites.

• One-third of respondents said they don’t know if their company has such a policy.

• 17 percent said their employer hasn’t published such a policy.

• 6 percent said that whatever policy their company has published is too complex to understand.

• 6 percent said they will post work or client information on public sites regardless of any policy, at least when communicating with colleagues.

What do you think this situation impact the e-mail productivity ate the workplace?

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